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イギリスのハンプシャー州で活動しているギターオーケストラ(HAGO)音楽監督(Derek Hasted)からのニュースレターです。日本及び世界各地のギター音楽愛好家の皆様にお知らせいたします。

写真: イングランド・ウィルトシャー州(Wiltshire)の州都ソールズベリー(Salisbury)
音楽: Danza Cubana – HAGO in concert – Salisbury – 15 Oct 2011


hago newsletter October 2011

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Well, the news, if you’re not living in the UK, is that we’re having an expected heatwave. Yes, all that talk about Britain being nothing but rain couldn’t be further from the truth, with temperatures today, early October, nearer the high twenties than the low…

It’s not been long since hago reconvened after our summer break, and we’re working on another exciting new piece. More in a moment…

One of our largest concerts for a long time is just 2 weeks away, on October 15th in Salisbury.
It’s in aid of “The Listening Place”, which is a counselling service for those living in and around Salisbury. The venue is Salisbury Methodist Church, and it’s been recently refurbished – the building is spacious, warm, light and the seats are soft and comfortable. It doesn’t get much better than that!

You will find booking details and directions to the venue on our concerts page.

Check out our short YouTube advert too, featuring one of our new pieces.


We also have a couple of concerts in December and we’re starting to book concerts for the new year too – we’ll send another News nearer to the Christmas ones.

Our Musical Director has been busy over the summer and we now have yet another new piece of repertoire – one of our most ambitious yet. We’ve not yet played it through with the full team, and we’re keeping it under wraps till it’s ready for performance, but let’s just say it’s featured recently at The Proms, and it seems to fit guitar really rather well.

Our continuing series of concerts in aid of local charities has already raised over £50,000; our commitment to maintaining regular concerts in spite of, or perhaps because of, the recession means that we can offer something for local players that isn’t on offer anywhere else locally – a chance to join a group that plays for the general public, instead of just meeting to play for each other. We meet fortnightly in term-time and our rehearsals are always a mix of hard work and laughter. If you play classical guitar at Grade 5 and above, visit our “join us” page on the website and read more about joining hago.

If you play but not so fluently, our Musical Director offers a “mini-hago” – a much more informal chance to play ensemble music. Read more on the Guitar Workshop Website – it’s informal and fun, and with absolutely no pressure.

Check out our “news” page – we’re updating it a couple of times a week on average.

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Hope to see you on October 15th for our foray into neighbouring Wiltshire.
Best regards
Everyone at hago

hago – the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra

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