Duo Saeijs & Gvetadze, China Tour 2010


オランダ出身ヴァイオリニスト Frederieke Saeijs(フレデリーケ・サイス)と、グルジア出身ピアニスト Nino Gvetadze(ニノ・グヴェタゼ)の中国公演ニュース。

Duo Frederieke Saeijs & Nino Gvetadze, China Tour 2010
塞伊丝(荷兰)和格韦塔泽(格鲁吉亚), 中国 2010
吴氏策划 Wu Promotion – 音楽ニュース

Duo Saeijs & Gvetadze, Netherlands/Georgia

This July from the 16th – 25th, Wu Promotion is proud to present Georgian pianist Nino Gvetadze and Dutch violinist Frederieke Saeijs (Netherlands), both award-winning musicians.

The two musicians first started to play together as a duo in 2007. The duo performed in various concert halls and festivals throughout The Netherlands and France, at e.g. the Utrecht Kamermuziek Festival and the Juventus Festival. Both musicians have strong ties with the Dr. Anton Philips Hall in The Hague (Netherlands) as Artists in Residence. In 2009, the duo recorded the complete sonatas for violin and piano by C. M. von Weber for the Naxos label. Future tours include performances in France and The Netherlands.

China Tour 2010

16th July Ningbo (宁波) Ningbo Concert Hall 宁波大剧院
Price: RMB 100, 180, 280, 380
Ticket Hotline: (0574) 8766 1111

17th July Shanghai(上海) Shanghai Oriental Art Center 上海东方艺术中心
Price: RMB 60,120, 180, 300
Ticket Hotline: (021)62172426/62173055

23rd July Guizhou (贵州) Guizhou Normal University Concert Hall 贵州师范大学音乐厅
Price: RMB 100, 180, 280, 380
Ticket Hotline: (0851) 6885888

25th July Beijing (北京) National Centre for the Performing Arts 国家大剧院
Price: RMB 160, 220,300
Ticket Hotline(010)66550000

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塞伊丝(荷兰)和格韦塔泽(格鲁吉亚), 2010

小提琴家弗里德里克•塞伊丝和钢琴家尼诺•格韦塔泽曾参加过在荷兰和法国举办的各类艺术节。二人均为荷兰海牙Dr. Anton Philips 音乐厅的常驻艺术家。 钢琴家尼诺•格韦塔泽在2008年荷兰乌德勒支第8届李斯特钢琴比赛中获得媒体奖和观众奖。这两位屡获奖项的音乐家自2007年开始同台演出。她们曾在2009年录制了由卡尔•玛里亚•冯•韦伯为拿索斯厂牌而作的小提琴和钢琴奏鸣曲全集,获得广泛好评。

2010月7月16 日 宁波, 宁波大剧院
票价: RMB 100, 180, 280, 380
订票电话:(0574) 87661111

2010月7月17 日 上海, 上海东方艺术中心
票价: RMB 60,120,180,300
订票电话: (021)62172426/62173055

2010月7月23 日 贵州, 贵州师范大学音乐厅
票价: RMB 100, 180, 280, 380
订票电话: (0851) 6885888

2010月7月25 日 北京, 国家大剧院
票价:RMB 160,220,300
订票电话: (010)66550000


吴氏策划 Wu Promotion – Home http://www.wupromotion.com/


Nino Gvetadze – 2010 荷兰文化馆(Dutch Cultural Center)



  • Nino Gvetadze, pianist (ニノ・グヴェタゼのホームページ)
    Welcome to the official homepage of Nino Gvetadze http://www.ninogvetadze.com/
  • Frederieke Saeijs, Violinist (フレデリーケ・サイス公式ウェブサイト)
    Frederieke Saeijs – Official website http://www.frederiekesaeijs.com/


Frederieke Saeijs(フレデリク・サイス)関連エントリー

ナルシソ・イエペス記念館(memorial, Narciso Yepes) – 美幌音楽人 加藤雅夫







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