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Derek Hasted(hago)から 2010年4月の「Newsletter」が送られてきました Masao Kato(Bihoro, Hokkaido, Japan)

英国 イングランドのハンプシャー ギターオーケストラ(Hampshire Guitar Orchestra / hago)の素晴らしい演奏「Fields of Gold 黄金色の草原(フィールド オブ ゴールド Sting)」


– Fields of Gold – Flute & Guitars – Hampshire UK



– hago newsletter April 2010

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Just a short news to wish you a belated Happy Easter and to tell you how delighted we are to see some sunshine at last!

A lot has been happening in “the close season” …

A fair few of us went down to the Portsmouth Music Festival to support the guitar section. Some of the talent there was really very good – where else can you hear quite so much guitar music for so little money? Well, at a hago concert of course – you’ll hear over a dozen times as much guitar music as in a solo concert!
And it was a pleasure to see the hago cup presented again.

We said goodbye to Tracy (our bass player who’s been here since 2001) and Kathryn (one of our alto players).
Kathryn is leaving to take up residence in New Zealand, so getting to rehearsals is not looking likely…
We presented each of them with a “This is Your Life” book – there are photos in our 2010 gallery.

But fate has a curious way of dealing a strange hand, and as soon as we had dates for their departure, we received two emails from people interested in joining!
And that’s the story of how we’ve welcomed Alan and Jana – two players who will lift our overall playing standard still higher.

And, in the style of all good businesses, we had a structured handover of control from Kathryn & Tracy to Alan & Jana in the form of a concert in which we had all four players playing, and a total of 16 guitars. That was our concert at the Turner Sims Concert Hall as guests of the Southampton Flute Orchestra (Flautissimo), who looked at our four sizes of guitar and then turned up with FIVE sizes of flute.
It was a fantastic concert and we’ve been asked to host a “revenge match” here in Portsmouth next year, something that we’re delighted to do, and we hope you’ll come to.

Also in our 2010 gallery there are photos of another pair of “long service awards” – our Musical Director’s personal Thank You to those who clock up 100 rehearsals!

Just a week away now is our Emsworth concert, on April 17th. Emsworth is home to the Solar Boat, which features in our latest YouTube short.
And after that, a chance to play in the Olivier Theatre at Bedales School, near Petersfield, on May 22nd – a fantastic venue.

There are two concerts in June as well – more details next newsletter…

You’ll find details of all of these on our concerts page – how to buy tickets, how to find the venue….

We introduced our latest new piece in our recent concert – a Beatles number played in a rather delicate setting – the audience loved it. That’s going to be a regular for a little while now!

And over the Easter break we’ve been looking at our repertoire – we have some new items appearing soon.

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Derek Hasted – Musical Director

※ HAGO 関連エントリー(Masao Kato)

Newsletter イングランド ハンプシャーのギターオーケストラ (hago)

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (England)

News from hago(Derek Hasted) – October 17th concert

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  1. 「Fields of Gold 黄金色の草原(フィールド オブ ゴールド Sting)」

    なりひら より 2010 年 4 月 17 日 15:55

  2. なりひらさん、心あたたまるコメントありがとうございます。

    男性ボーカル「フィールド オブ ゴールド」の歌、
    女性ボーカル「フィールド オブ ゴールド」の歌、



    加藤 雅夫 より 2010 年 4 月 17 日 18:25


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