News from HAGO. (November 2014)




News from HAGO. (November 2014)

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What’s been happening?
We played to a great audience on September 27th at Rowlands Castle, raising £400 for their Church Building Fund.

More recently, we played at Homewater House in Waterlooville – this is a sort of “Sheltered Accommodation” unit and we played to a packed Residents’ Lounge-full of giggling oldies. We were talking about Christmas events, and off the record, our Musical Director received a personal invitation to try some Mince Pies from one of the ladies living on the Ground Floor!
They passed the hat round at the end of the evening, to raise money for one of their own charities, raising £66, which is a super total from such a group.

Our total fund-raising has now crossed £64,700 – that’s over a tenth of a million US Dollars.
What’s coming up?
We’re currently in the process of booking concerts for 2015 – we have four or five lined up already.

This year though, we’ve only got Private Bookings left – that’s because we’re a bit weak on numbers at the moment (hence the repeated “Join Us” pleas!)

Responsive Design
We’re working to make mobile friendly.
We get a lot of visitors browsing our website on smartphones, and though phones do a great job of displaying a webpage, you have to enlarge it, then scroll every which way. We’ve changed the main pages on our website so that on a phone, all the content is in a single column to make reading the website easier.

Blasts from the Past
While we were working on our website, we found all sorts of photos you might not have seen.
There’s no prizes for tracking them down, but they’re all on the hago website in our “Photos and Videos” section along with some words of explanation!





Join us!
We have some new concerts scheduled for 2015 (more details soon) and we’re looking to find some guitarists who enjoy playing our styles of repertoire. We’ve revamped our “Join Us” page on our website, so do click through and have a look.

We’ll be back soon!
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