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News from HAGO. (September 2014)

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What’s been happening?
Over the summer we don’t meet to rehearse, but that hasn’t stopped us dead – there’s been a barbecue (yum!) and a new “Recruitment video” you can see on YouTube, which shows a little more of the behind-the-scenes fun that we have.

What’s coming up?
On September 27th, we’re playing at Rowlands Castle, in St John’s Church, in aid of their Building Repair Fund. Well-timed, as it happens, as a portion of the Church ceiling fell down over the Summer. Our concert is going to be in the Church if the roof has been repaired, and if not, we’ll be in the Church Hall, which is adjacent to the Church.
For ticket details, visit the hago website.


Join us!
We have some new concerts scheduled for 2015 (more details soon) and we’re looking to find some guitarists who enjoy playing our styles of repertoire. We’ve revamped our “Join Us” page on our website, so do click through and have a look.

We’ll be back soon!
This newsletter is partly just a short one to tell you about the concert that’s just under 3 weeks ago, and partly to make sure everything is hunky-dory with our new MailChimp.

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